Post Sat Jan 07, 2012 1:14 am

Openbravo 3.0 Procurement to Assets Accounting


I am new to Openbravo. I wonder if there is an automatic process for linking new purchases to assets.

I expect that when I declare a particular product as an "asset", when a new item is purchased, it automatically becomes a new instance of that asset, with the same amortization used for similar assets. However this is not how things are organized right now.

Another issue is that when new items of that asset type are purchased, the expense does not appear as an asset, but as an expense.

The solution right now for me is:
In the accounting tab of the product, I enter the accounting combination for the asset in the account for the "Product Expense". There is also a "Fixed Asset" accounting combination, but unfortunately journal items are not posted to this account. I think when a product type is declared as an asset, the purchase price of the product should be posted to this account and not the "Product Expense"

Also I have to go to Asset management and create a new item for every new purchase that is made, and declare it as a new asset and amortize it.

If I have missed something, or there is an easier way to link the assets to procurement or inventory, please let me know.