Post Mon Jan 09, 2012 9:00 pm

Simple Job Cost-Project Costing-Analytical Accounting

I have not yet found an existing post that deals with this issue but I am new to the forum and may have just missed it.
We have a small manufacturing business and sell and install manufactured systems world-wide. We are long-time users of Great Plains/Dynamics GP with several add-ons and I am actively reviewing other options including OpenBravo.
We have a need for what I consider to be "simple" job cost accounting. That is, we take orders and can easily process and cost them (from a parts and assembly perspective) through Sales Order processing. However, we also need to account for commissions to overseas agents, outbound freight (that may not be discernable at the time of sales order fulfillment). Further, we may incur a cost for either an employee or an agent's employee to certify installation several months later (travel and labor) and may incur customs fees 60 days or more after shipment.

There are several paths available to address this issue within Great Plains (with Add-ons) either through "Job Cost", "Project Accounting", or "Analytical Accounting"

I realize that OpenBravo has a project accounting module available under their professional edition but I was hoping to implement the community version for test and assessment and make a decision regarding community vs professional at a later point. Further, full project costing seems like over-kill given the limited scope of what I believe if required. So are there any suggestions how best to implement a system within the community version that will allow me to assess the profitability of various projects given the limited scope noted above?

Thanks for any and all comments