Post Tue Jul 17, 2018 7:10 pm


Microsoft's office 365 commercial business continues to power its cloud leads to its first quarter of financial 2018. Microsoft's office 365 client active user number is at twenty-eight million for Q1 FY 2018, that is up from twenty-seven million in this autumn FY 2017.)

As of last quarter, Microsoft officials aforementioned that Microsoft is generating additional revenue from office 365 business subscriptions than office sold via non-subscription licensing. that's still true as of this quarter, Microsoft officials aforementioned.

Microsoft officials aforementioned recently that the corporation expects to own two-thirds of its office business customers within the cloud by it slow in its financial 2019 (which kicks off on July 1, 2018). Despite its success, users may face problem while using its products. So for that unwanted error, we provide Microsoft office 365 support via a website as well as by toll-free number +1-800-826-8068. For more information visit the website link, which is given.
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