Post Fri Mar 25, 2011 1:28 pm

API Change on alert management

Hi all,


There has been an api change on the alerts management.  The management of their status has been inproved adding a new "Status" column to track their status and the "Alert Management" window has been redesigned [1]. This change is already on pi [2] and will be included on the RC6. The new column is mandatory but  doesn't have a phisical default value on the database. Existing code doing inserts on this table needs to be modified to include it.

Prior management based on "isActive" and "isFixed" boolean fields was complex and not extensible. With the new Status column the management is easier and make possible for other modules to add new statuses. The "isFixed" column has been deprecated as well.


Existing modules extending the alert management should be updated to consider this new column.