Post Thu May 17, 2012 4:13 pm

New features in

New features in "": ...

a) It adds two new menu entries:
"SmartClient -> SmartClient Reference": It is the actual reference of the current installed SmartClient version (so it has the exact used/available API)
"SmartClient -> SmartClient Developer Console": Very useful to review the existing SmartClient components hierarchy and debugging. More info: ... .debugging

b) If you set it as "In Development", you will load the uncompressed SmartClient files instead the obfuscated ones. Very very useful for debug SmartClient code.

Note that this module will/must be updated each time a new SmartClient version be updated in core, so be alert to the upgrades if you plan to use it in your daily work.

Remember that this module is for testing/debugging purposes so it is not fully officially supported