Post Sat Nov 26, 2016 1:50 am

Is there need for machine learning, data science analytics?

Is there need for machine learning, data science analytics in OpenBravo ERP software?

I am studying machine learning and data science and I would like not only investigate algorithms but also I would like to make them availabe for the use in real world applications. That is why I have question - is there need for introdcution of machine learning and data science into OpenBravo. E.g. there could be special reports and anlysis tools for retail transactions, special reports and classification tools for analysis of buyers behaviour and so on? Maybe there can be live analysis tools that sit on real time data streams and make recommendations, generates events and notifications and so on. Can this functionality be integrated into OpenBravo and what can be the most interesting (most demanded) themes here?

I am aware that fate of my proposal can be unclear. From the one side - it could be good to have such analysis tools into ERP application. From the other side it is also possible to live without such tools inside the ERP application. Data analysts can export data from ERP applications into their own warehouses (Hadoop, Spark) and do their analysis outside ERP application.

What are opinions in the communicity?