Post Tue Oct 06, 2015 10:07 am

Evaluating openbravo for a mfg company

I am looking for an open source ERP for a manufacturing company in Singapore.

The plant was part of big MNCs but now sold to a small company. The original factory was using Oracle R12 and the exiting company has an in-house ERP.
Now we can’t use Oracle as it’s too expensive and can’t use the existing in-house ERP as it’s too old & simple.
So, we are looking for something which provides features as big ERPs but with a lesser price.

I was impressed with the simplicity & UI of openbravo and thought can use by changing some of our processes as we don’t want to spend resource on customization but after spending a lot of time on openbravo demo site, I found there are many basic manufacturing features which are missing.

Can anyone help me in confirming if these features really dont exist or is there any other solution/work around that I am missing

1. The organization structure is not what we are looking for - Our organization is based in 3 countries (sales & distribution).
So, we want an ERP which can handle that easily.
We want something like Oracle multi-organization access control.
Ledger with which allows different currencies and finance clear. We also need currency conversion, translation and consolidation.

Basic requirement is - We should be able to distinguish legal entities from business units (or operating unit) and inventory. Each would have restricted access and they should be able to view/create/update data/document/journals in their assigned organization level

2. Is there any standard business costing method such as Avreage Costing, Standard Costing, LIFO/FIFO etc ?
We need to track all our purchased cost and as well on overhead.
For make items we want resource. So, we need at least 3-4 cost elements to track cost.
We also maintain historical cost. So, the erp should provide features whereby we can keep cost of an item in 3-4 elements for 8-10 different ways.
Next, the plan is use standard costing in the main manufacturing plant and average costing in all the distribution organization.

3. Auto pricing on sales order on certain terms and conditions
System should auto pick the price depending on item/product attributes, ship to location, customer, etc

4. Purchasing with BPA and Standard PO as in Oracle
Long term blanket agreement and auto-release from MRP/ or Min Max

5. We need to track each job cost. The product tracks only material and bom is too simplistic.
We need to track material, resource, lead time, overhead etc.

6. During each product build (which takes 8-10 days) we need to capture a lot of test data and other parameters. So, we need a good MES system.

7. We use pull system (either Kanban/Min Max) for high value purchased and all make items.

We use MRP for low value items but need a better pull based planning system for high value purchased items
(we have few purchased items that are over $500)

8. No forecasting
We are looking for sale & operation planning feature or at lease forecast with auto consumption

9. No Asset Maintenance – Preventive Maintenance Schedule. Maintenance Work Order, BOM,

10. No Routing

11. No project costing – we need to track cost for each project against different expenses. Generate invoice from project

12. No Customer Agreement

13. No Warranty