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My view of openbravo 3

Openbravo 3 will release .  I very like it.But I have my view.

For Business

openbravo 3 community verison already remove the project /production/MRP. I support it .  But I think openbravo 3 community verison maybe should add business function .IF not so ,how can we say "Integrated"  .

Docs of openbravo price management is very short .I think Openbravo should provide more docs and example .And UX of price is not good .

the UI have many details  of master .From business view,   it's difficult to undeerstand schema,adjust,price list.  And I think it doesn't support break price .

Comare openbravo 3 and oracle e-Business Suite ,Oracle e-Business Suite support more promotion rule and it's easy to understand .


For technology

Openbravo run many years,but it can't  be database independent .I think Openbravo 3.x(3.1/3.2) should remove trigger /SP/Functions.Then it can be easy support many database such as DB2.

Openbravo 3 have complicated UI architure and it's not open standard of Java EE 。If openbrava use open standard of Java EE,Maybe Customer can customize more easy .And Contributions can learn quickly .I think JSF V2 is very mature。JSF V2 have full feature of openbravo 3 UI architure such as template  .If it use JSF ,it only have little css/js/html .  I know Oracle Fusion Applications use ADF view based JSF (Maybe jsf v1.2/1.0) and ADF open source vesion is Apache Myfaces Trinidad .

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