Post Thu Sep 10, 2009 10:32 am

How system has to set the same debit & credit VAT

In case of a sales invoice in Intra community VAT is 0%.


In the purchase invoice it has double VAT posting. For example VAT 19% will be for both debit and credit that is 19% debit and 19% credit. Even then finally it is 0%.


Assume a purchase invoice for 1.000 with Vat 19% posting will be done like the following


Debit (supplier account) 1000

Debit (VAT debit) 190


Credit (Expense) 1000

Credit (Credit VAT) 190


In the scenario given in the functional document it has been mentioned that


If accounting area is BgA


6130 – VaLL   4.000,00

6130 – 4803      760,00

2603 – 6130      760,00


The last two entries in GL journal is the same case as what I have explained above. How we have to setup the system to have the same VAT amounts for debit and in credit?