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Event Handler


Giovanni Garofalo

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Joined: Wed Mar 30, 2011 8:36 am

Post Fri Jul 08, 2011 4:46 pm

Event Handler


I'm working with OB 3.00 MP0
I need to create an Event Handler on Work Requirement windows,
In onSave Event I need to insert some records into a new sub-tab.

I followed this how-to ... nt_handler ,
but in my case it doesn't works correctly.
It doesn't saves any records in sub-tab, but it saves only the Work Requirement record.

My code is:

public void onSave(@Observes EntityNewEvent event) {
if (!isValidEvent(event)) {
final Entity workRequirementEntity = ModelProvider.getInstance().getEntity(
final WorkRequirement workRequirement = (WorkRequirement) event.getTargetInstance();
ProcessPlan processPlan = workRequirement.getProcessPlan();
Date wrCreationDate = workRequirement.getWRCreationDate();
ProcessPlanDAO ppDao = ProcessPlanDAO.singleton();
List<OperationProduct> operationProducts = ppDao.getFinalOperationProductByProcessPlan(
processPlan.getId(), wrCreationDate); // this method return 1 record...

final Property outputProperty = workRequirementEntity
final List<Object> outputs = (List<Object>) event
if (operationProducts != null) {
for (OperationProduct op : operationProducts) {
final GSCWorkOptputProduct outputProduct = OBProvider.getInstance().get(
// outputProduct.setNewOBObject(true);
// outputProduct.setActive(true);
// outputProduct.setCreatedBy(workRequirement.getCreatedBy());
// outputProduct.setCreationDate(workRequirement.getCreationDate());
// outputProduct.setUpdated(workRequirement.getUpdated());
// outputProduct.setUpdatedBy(workRequirement.getUpdatedBy());
// outputProduct.setClient(workRequirement.getClient());
// outputProduct.setOrganization(workRequirement.getOrganization());



System.err.println("WorkRequirement " + ((WorkRequirement) event.getTargetInstance()).getId()
+ " is being created");

Can someone help me?


Giovanni Garofalo

Silambarasan Sekar

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Joined: Fri Sep 03, 2010 11:26 am

Location: Chennai , India

Post Sat May 19, 2012 4:54 am

Re: Event Handler

From my understanding, i think you are not saving the object to the database .Please try the following code inside the for loop at the end of the statement.

OBDal.getInstance().save("Your Object");
Thanks & Regards,

Silambarasan Sekar,

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