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Mourinho has finally unveiled Manchester United's new "kit"

Man Utd coaches have explained their thoughts when it comes to new assistants.

The Portuguese have made a first-ever appearance on the reform of their coaching assistant - following the arrival of Stefano Rapetti, Kieran McKenna and Michael Carrick.

Coach Jose Mourinho did not fill in the name of a substitute for his longtime assistant, Rui Faria, who left the team late last season, but he invited people familiar with him to take on the role of assistant. The first team.

Former midfielder Michael Carrick has been proposed after hanging his shoes and coach Mourinho has decided to make two more appointments to bring back coaches familiar with the method he is implementing at Manchester United. Rapetti and a staff member of the club, McKenna.

What did Mourinho say about Carrick and his assistants? - Soccer
 Jose Mourinho's new assistant trio.
The trio is working with Mourinho on United's pre-season tour of the United States and eventually Chelsea's former captain has explained behind his decision.

"I know everything, for different reasons, in different circumstances," he told MUTV. "Rapetti was my assistant at Inter Milan for two seasons so we were together and know each other, but then in the last seven or eight years, when I was in Real Madrid, Chelsea and now United, He went to Empoli and Sampdoria. "

"Michael, of course, I know very well he and he does, but he just broke up his career and now is just the first step in training. , will be really good to grow and feel more comfortable in a new role. " Coach Mourinho added.

"And Kieran, I know he's here (Man Utd) and I know he has the potential, that's why I decided to get him on the team. Half the squad is familiar, because of confidence and when he started working with the whole team, he seemed to be better adapted. " Brazilian strategist concluded.

McKenna's move to serve as a first-team assistant also means that Man Utd has appointed Neil Ryan, who has worked at Man Utd's U16 team, to replace McKenna's under-18s left.