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Pyorrhea which is also known popularly known as Periodontitis one of the most common dental problems faced by us. The condition occurs when the tissues i.e periodontium, surrounding and supporting the teeth get affected. If this condition is left untreated patients will start losing teeth. The reason why this happens is that of the lack of proper dental hygiene which helps the bacteria to stick to the tooth which keeps deteriorating our teeth. The loss of teeth occurs because the patient starts losing the alveolar bone which surrounds the teeth.

Signs and Symptoms

When you are brushing your teeth or flossing you see redness in your teeth. Even while chewing on hard fruits such as Apples or Guava or Pear, you see some sort of redness its time that you should seek dental help.
Recurrent gum swelling.
You spit your toothpaste along with blood.
Consistent Bad Breath.
Deep pockets formed between teeth and gums.
And in case you have completely ignored it you may even experience lose teeth.

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