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issue with adding datasets to modules in mp13

Hi there,

I have posted on this topic in the general developer forum and haven't gotten any response.  I chatted briefly with Eduardo via Skype last week and that was very helpful.


But I'm going to post again my results because I'm not sure how best to escalate this issue.

One of our tasks in Professional localization project is to include some reports we've built on 2.40.  One set of these are forms for Sales Acknowedgement, Goods Shipment, Sales Invoice, as well as Purchase Order, Goods Receipt and Purchase Invoice.  We did these all in Jasper, which meant we also created modules to modify OB to allow Jasper for Goods receipt and shipment, as well as to support a separate Purchase Invoice from Sales Invoice.


however...  the issue that I'm having is that we need to make modifications to the document types for Standard Order, AP Invoice, AR Invoice, MM Shipment, MM Receipt, etc, etc in order to point to our new reports.  Obviously in 2.40 we just modified core directly.  For 2.50 we want everything in a module.

Eduardo pointed me to Datasets, as well as a wiki article on using them. 

What I've found is that I add c_doctype to my dataset in my module, and mark it as a business object so that dependent tables are included (need c_poc_doctype_template for example).  (I also tried this by adding all tables discretely).

I make sure all my modifications are completed in document types, and then on the Dataset screen I do the 'Export reference data'.  By the way, I select 'System only' so that the module import process will make these definitions.

I then do an export.database, and package my module.

when I try to load the module, the definitions are not getting loaded.

I thought perhaps this is because I'm modifying existing doctypes, and so I tried to create a template...but datasets don't seem to be supported in templates.

Could one of you advise me on where next I could go with this?  Do we need to perhaps define this at the org level and insist the people go to either client set up or org setup in order to load the data?


Many thanks in advance!



Peter Bohnert

Principal, Transitional Data Services

Practice Lead, Openbravo Customization Services